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Welcome to Buildiful. Watch this space for our announcements on the upcoming:

Buildiful A.I.

— an idea machine, as well as part of a synthetic brain we are currently building

>> meanwhile

Buildiful Scanny Badge Hero

Steps to an organized you

1. Badge it

Stick a Scanny Badge onto anything you want to take inventory of.

2. Add notes

Write or edit notes however you want, on

3. Scan it

Scan the Badge to easily pull up your own notes.

Buildiful App - remote edits

Edit your notes remotely

— even if you do not currently have the physical item with you.

Buildiful App - shared notes

Share your notes

with people in your specified groups (or keep them private).

"2024 is the year of Innovative Revolution, powered by previous years' A.I. Revolution."

— Kathy Li, Founder and CEO, Buildiful

Check back often for what our team has in store for you — this year and beyond.

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